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The term catalysis refers to the acceleration of a chemical reaction through addition of a catalyst. Catalysis is one of the more important ideas in chemistry, and this is your chance to pick up a single word domain with the .science extension. This might work as a company name or a reference site, or it would be great for a research group or consultant that worked in this area of chemistry. With an Estibot valuation of $2600 (and a GoValue worth estimate of $616), we are offering this domain name at a great price! - users should check for any changes.

  • Establish credibility with a short, descriptive domain name.
  • This name is a perfect combination of two sides of the dot!
  • The domain name is currently registered until May 7, 2019, and renews at standard .science rates.
  • The broad term 'catalysis science' is widely searched, and advertisers pay more than $1.00 CPC.
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