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Nanoparticles are revolutionizing materials science, biomedical, electronic and optical fields (among others). Here is a chance to own the domain name nanoparticle in the .science TLD. This domain would work well for nanoscience startup companies, a division of a larger company, or for a reference or organization website.

  • Make an offer here, or buy it now on Namecheap Marketplace.
  • Establish your organization or business at the scientific centre of nanoparticles with this domain name.
  • A very active scientific area, with good traffic if used as a reference site. Also a topic of some environmental controversy.
  • The domain is already registered until October, 2022, so there will be no renewal cost for a long time.
  • Until Dec 24, 2017 the domain name is only available for push transfer to a new owner at Namecheap due to ICANN restrictions.
Offers can only be made in USD